Madvig - pub og lounge

A cozy pub and lounge in Svaneke. Do you dream about a place with quiet, cozyness, warmth and friendliness?

Then Madvig is exactly the place for you.
Here you can enjoy the Svaneke beer, sparkling quality wine and spirits in the luxury class in an atmosphere of relaxation and plenty of time.
Or you can get a good cup of coffee, chocolate or tea, while you digest the experiences of the day, read a book or your newspaper.
Madvig is first of all a place to be.

Madvig – Pub and Lounge is named after the most prominent honorary citizen of Svaneke Johan Nikolaj Madvig (1804-1886).
He was a professor in classical philology and was the first minister of cultural affairs in Denmark and later headmaster at the Copenhagen University.
In 1873 he was named honorary citizen of Svaneke and you find his bust in the little park at the approach to the town.
In Madvig – Pub and Lounge you might experience some of the mood and classical refinement that this son of Svaneke stood for.



Opening season

Opening hours

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday 17.00 - 23.00

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Tlf. +45 21 28 63 24




Postgade 25

3740 Svaneke

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