Campsite Slettegaard

Camp on Campsite Slettegaard during your stay

Primitive camping

We have no kiosk, or nice toilet building. There is also no space for caravans or cars.

But if you have a bike and a tent, you are very welcome!

There is a nice lawn where you can put up your tent, and a “shed with a heart on the door” with real toilet. There is a tap with cold clean drinking water. There are benches and tables, and even a campfire.

If you want a bath, you can also get it, at a modest extra cost.


The camping-grounds

Click here to see more pictures of the camping ground.


Primitive Campgrounds Bornholm

Primitive Camps Bornholm are a Bornholm concept, found in 5 locations on the island.

Slettegård is one of them! read more here


Opening season

All year

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday All day

Special opening days

Special closing days

Tlf. +45 21 61 09 31



Gudhjemvej 35

3760 Gudhjem

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