Discover Bornholm crafts and 7000 m2 visit garden at the Krämmerhuset located close to Årsballe

Welcome to Krämmerhuset

Crafts and unique flower garden of 7000 m2. The old college, a building from 1886, is surrounded by a unique old garden which today is a visitors garden, where you are always welcome. The garden consists of many rooms, a large pond, stonework, an old bridge, pergolas, roses and perennials. It brings tranquility and well-being for the whole family. It is possible to buy coffee and cake which can be enjoyed in the garden.

The store

The shop is run by Anina Kofod who is a potter. In the shop you also find Bornholm produced patchwork, textiles, wickerwork, shampoo, mustard, oils and honey and a varied selection of crafts from other countries.

 You will also find a patchwork department with fabrics and accessories.



Opening hours this week:

Tlf. +45 5699 9433



Skarpeskadevej 6, Aarsballe

3700 Rønne

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