Welcome to Kokkenberg in Sandvig

From Dyrehaven to Sandvig
After 20 good years on Studenterkilden in Dyrehaven we have replaced views of the forest and crown deer
with the beautiful sea, rocks and sandbanks of Sandvig. Not a bad swap at all.

On the 15 th of March we took over “Hectors” with some good friends. After a bit of painting and other
refurbishments we opened for guests in April 2020 and were now able to welcome you all to “Kokkenberg.”
We are happy to be part of Bornholm, Sandvig in particular, and we are looking forward to serving locals as
well as tourists our delicious, simple food that will make you enjoy The Sunshine Island a little more than


Opening hours this week:

Tlf. 5648 0005


Web www.kokkenberg.dk

Hammershusvej 2

3770 Allinge

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