Klippeøens Gårdbutik

Bornholm in the stomach and close to the body

Klippeøens Gårdbutik has a 300 m2 shop with a large and different selection. It is a good destination for excursions for the island’s guests, where you can go exploring again and again.

The shop is situated in the beautiful Hvide Hus in Saltuna with a view over the Baltic Sea to Christiansø. The place is also known for the natural rock garden behind the shop with many rare trees. During the store’s opening hours, you get free access to the garden,

In the shop you find lots of exciting gift ideas, handicrafts, lambskin, souvenirs, and a line of specialties from our own island cuisine, including salad vinegar, salts, marmalade, syrup, schnapps, etc.



Wool products in a special quality and our own designs from the family’s small Danish factory with weaving and sewing room are also presented. The weaving mill has proud weaving traditions dating back to 1876.

In addition, we have women’s and men’s clothing, produced with care and comfortable to wear. From our own production there are for example blouses, dresses, soft t-shirts, socks w / alpaca, wool underwear, leather gloves etc. In addition, you find comfort footwear and outdoor clothing.

It is a true experience to move around the old, thatched house, and you might even be inspired for later purchases, as it is also sold in our own web shop.



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Randkløvevej 15

3751 Østermarie

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