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Karendagmar.dk - Art posters and nips

A nice little shop with hand drawn art both as prints and originals. The shop also offers other small decor items, such as frames, mobiles and ceramics.

Karen Dagmar – Art print and nips

Come into my nice little shop in Hasle, where you can see many of my beautiful drawings and buy a wide selection of my art posters in several sizes.
In addition, you can also buy original ink drawings, my mobiles and ceramic nips.

The shop is definitely worth a visit if you like the simple Nordic style, animals or appreciate good craftsmanship.

If you are curious or interested in looking at how the images come into being, you can follow me on instagram @karendagmar.dk

Sincerely, Karen Dagmar

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Opening hours this week:

No opening hours available for this week.

Tlf. 2925 1944

E-mail info@karendagmar.dk

Web www.karendagmar.dk

Østergade 11

3790 Hasle

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