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Discover ceramics from Bornholm at Jan's Ceramics (Jans Keramik).

Lise started her education as a potter in 1966 at a small workshop in Copenhagen with 4 years of apprenticeship. Dirch is self-taught. We have had workshops in both Denmark (Dragør, Kastager Strand and Dueodde) and Australia (Cherryville and Macclesfield in South Australia).

We have been commuting for 13 years between the two countries with active workshops in both places and now live permanently on Bornholm.

Our starting point in ceramics is the hand-turned utility items, which give us great joy and satisfaction in our daily work. We use a fine white stoneware mass for the ceramic, and coarse stoneware for the sculptural items and unique works. We also work with porcelain for the more delicious things.

We develop the glazes ourselves and constantly experiment with new shades and expressions.

We often gather inspiration in nature and from our many trips abroad. In the past years we have been working on different themes; teapots, fish and most recently birds.

Our lovely workshop and large gallery near the beach at Dueodde form a cozy frame for visitors during the summer, who can see us in the workshop or experience our goods in the gallery / shop.

We really appreciate our visitors who provide us with necessary feedback on our work.

Our many years abroad have expanded our interface, we have sold our ceramics in many countries both in Asia, Australia, USA and Europe.



Opening hours this week:

Tlf. +45 5648 9107

E-mail janskeramik@gmail.com

Web www.janskeramik.dk

Strandmarksvejen 10

3730 Nexø


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