Hullehavn Camping

Stay at the Hullehavn Camping during your vacation

Stay at the Hullehavn Camping during your vacation
Welcome to Hullehavn Camping at Bornholm! We have a lovely camping site situated close to Svaneke and Nexø. The site is placed directly at the Baltic Sea and we have one of the most beautiful sites in Denmark. We welcome all guests, who need a nice place to camp.

From almost all our sites you can see the water and the rocks and since we are situated on a preserved area nature decides the layout. Therefore we have both open areas as well as areas with trees shadowing some of the sun. Our camping site is almost always sheltered from the wind.

Sustainable accomodation

In our accomodation we have made preparations to offer sustainable accomodations. We have optimized energy sources, offal sorting and our ressources. Read more in our website or ask us directly



Opening hours this week:

Tlf. +45 5649 6363



Sydskovvej 9

3740 Svanke

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