Guldsmed Anders E.

Visit the goldsmith Anders E in Svaneke.

Goldsmith Anders E experiments with graphic forms and the Bornholm nature

When goldsmith Anders E designs jewellery, he experiments with different techniques and materials such as; natural stone, wood and metals. He plays with graphic forms and draws inspiration from the Nordic design tradition and the Bornholm nature. The whole basic idea behind Guldsmed Anders E’s jewelery series is to create handmade jewelery in a delicious design at prices that everyone can afford.

Anders Egedal was trained as a goldsmith in 1994 and later a product designer from Denmark’s Design School in 2004. Over the years, Anders has designed everything from jewelry to gravestones and wooden glasses. Anders has participated in a large number of art and design exhibitions over the years and has both received distinctions and won prizes. He is part of the artists’ association in Postgade 21, Svaneke, where he shares a shop with 10 other Bornholm artisans.


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Tlf. +45 2678 7957




Postgade 21

3740 Svaneke

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