Gamleborg i Paradisbakkerne

The old castle Gamleborg in the Paradise Hills (Paradisbakkerne) Northwest of Nexø is an old refuge fort.

It is assumed, that the old castle was built around 200 AC, from the Iron Age. The castle seems to have been in use until around 1000 AC. Today you can only see the castle hill and the remainders of the huge walls.

This is how you find Gamleborg i Paradisbakkerne

Coming from Rønne or Nexo, turn from the main road to Slamrabjergvej close to Bodils Church. At the end of the street you’ll find a parking lot. Follow the path from here that is marked with a blue square.

Here you can buy a detailed map over the area.



  • Slamrebjergvej
  • 3730 Nexø
  • Paradisbakkerne / Bodilsker
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