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1880 the first bank in Gudhjem opened as the “Spare- & Laanekasse”. 145 years later Gudhjem BANKEN opened in the same building now with studio, gallery and pop-ups. The “maneger” of BANKEN is artist Jo Dam Kærgaard. Since December 2015 Gudhjem BANKEN has shown curated exhibitions with a long reach of selected fine artists. Along with exhibitions you will often be able to participate in Special Events.

In “Bornholms Kunstrunde” – the Art fair of Bornholm – Gudhjem BANKEN presents works of artist Jo Dam Kærgaard and beside curated exhibitions Gudhjem BANKEN is open in some weekends and other holidays.

In July 2019 there will be an POPUP in Gudhjem BANKEN with Design, Organic products and fine Art

In 2019 Jo Dam Kærgaard is also current, together with her husband, Steffen Brandt, at the Oluf Høst Museum in Gudhjem, with the exhibition: Log Book of Norresân – April 12th – October 19th.

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