Finnens Footprints

A great hike over 6 kilometres on Northbornholm

Finnens Footprints is one of the most wonderful hikes on Northbornholm – with a stunning view of the unique nature and the Baltic Sea.

Here is the route

Along the hike, you’ll walk along the coastal path around Bornholm. You’ll also pass Hammershus Castle Ruin, Finnens Top, Edilsdalen and Paradisdalen.

The route is marked with violet pictograms, arrows, and dots – and leads through steep and rocky areas. The route is not eligible for disabled people and baby strollers.

Where do the names come from?

Finnens Top and Finnedalen (Finne’s Valley) are most likely named after Mads Pedersen Finne, who farmed the area during the 18th century.

The hike’s highlight: The stunning view from Finnen’s Top.

Download a map and a flyer over the area

Here you can download a map and information brochure over the area, published by the Danish Nature Authority. It also shows the hike of Finnen’s Footprints.


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Finnedalsvej 7

3790 Hasle

Park your car at the Finnedalshouse (a small shelter/hut) - drive from Vang along the gravel road Finnedalsvejen to the north, until you reach Finnedalshytten on the left side. Right beside there is a small parking lot.

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