At Fabers, we have a passion for art. We would like to share it with you. Art raises the quality of life and it should be no secret that we want to enter art into the soul of our guests. Art is for everyone. One does not need to know a lot about it. Come and see for yourself. By the way, the art on our walls is for sale, so even more people can enjoy it. You can also just look and take the memory with you.

Fabers is passionately into good coffee. We nerd about it. Are picky about it.
Visit us in the café and taste it. There is a water filter, so the water has the right degree of hardness, we brew freshly roasted, organic coffee beans from the Peruvian highlands and Zoë completes the coffee experience with a barista safe hand. The coffee is served in Bornholm ceramic mugs made by Anne Mette Hjortshøj.

Fabers and people belong together. Or people and Fabers. For the whole basic
idea of ​​the house is to create a place where people feel good. The café,
concerts, conversation salons, art, meeting place – At Fabers there is something

for everyone and we always have ideas up our sleeve to make the place
interesting, cozy, relevant and surprising. Fabers, people and communities have
come to stay. Bring the kids with you.



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Tlf. 60 61 93 77

E-mail lulu@fabers.net

Web www.fabers.net


Kirkestræde 1

3770 Allinge

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