Design Crush

Design Crush is a small lifestyle store in Gudhjem, which is open all year. We love design, home decor, delicious soaps, jewelry, and fashion. WELCOME!

At design crush, you can explore among fragrant soaps, oils and fragrance sticks …..wash your hands in the many wonderful soaps, find a new beautiful pillow or maybe find your new very special ceramic mug or picture for the wall! Here are many options in the small shop with hand-picked items from many different brands. You will find, among other things, the following brands in design crush

Madam Stoltz, Bungalow, Klippan, Pappelina, Carre, Enamel, Pure by Nat, Hultquist, Paul Michel design works, noa noon, Algan, kneikkies, Anna Lund keramik, Panier des sans, Munkholm, supertea, urbannatureculture, Pernille Folcarelli, emilie luna, hyldest……

And soon it will be many more!



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Tlf. 29 62 00 75




Brøddegade 25a

3760 Gudhjem

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