Christiansø and Frederiksø harbour

Sail to Christiansø and Frederiksø and stay at the harbour with your boat

Christiansø Harbour has two approaches, one on either side of the swing bridge connecting the two main islands and separating the harbour basin into a south harbour and a north harbour.

Visiting yachters are welcome in both, which makes it possible to approach the islands in any wind direction. A visit to the islands in your own boat is an unforgettable experience. Someone must have had yachters in mind when this fantastic natural harbour was created between the two islands surrounded by 100-metre-deep waters, ten nautical miles from Bornholm – reminiscent of ”Utklippan”, located ten nautical miles from Karlskrona, Sweden.

Christiansø Island has 100 year-round inhabitants. It is a small community with an inn, church, police station, school, grocery shop with bakery, post office, museum, gallery, community centre, campsite and a shop where the renowned Christiansø marinated herring are sold on the island.

The community’s unique quality is exemplified by a local story of a woman who once lived a long life on Christiansø island without ever setting foot on Frederiksø island, ”Because what would I do over there?” she asked.

The islands are self-sufficient with electricity and previously also with drinking water, which for centuries was provided by collecting rainwater in open wells. Everything on both islands is housed in listed buildings, as the islands previously formed a large fortification.

The archipelago is home to the Græsholmen bird sanctuary where Baltic ”penguins” live. In recent years, the population of 300-kilo grey seals living around the islands has grown to such an extent that two seals fall off into the water whenever a newly arrived seal pushes itself up onto the skerry Tatt.

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