Café Næsgaarden

In Næsgaarden's reception you will find a small cafe and shop with local specialties.

Cafe Næsgaarden events

In our front yard is the small Café, which during the year offers many fun events for both children and adults that you can participate in.

Breakfast bread sale

Næsgaarden’s breakfast bread sale is situated within the old barn door and is open to everyone.

The daily selection consists of various breads, coffee To-Go, cold drinks, butter, and a modest selection of Bornholm specialties ready to take to the beach or home for breakfast.

The barn door opens at 7.30.


Outside the schools’ summer holidays, you can come from outside and eat breakfast by prior arrangement.



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 5648 0218




Løsebækgade 20

3770 Allinge

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