Borgehoved at Rø Plantage

Borgehoved at the Lake Borgedalssøen in the Søndre Borgedal is an old fortress and refuge fort from the Iron Age.

The castle could be older than assumed

There have never been made any excavations in the area, but since there were found rock carvings from the Bronze Age or even the Stone Age – it is assumed, that the fortress might be much older than first assumed. Some researchers assume, that the fortress never was finished.

How to find Borgehoved at Rø Plantage

Drive along Brommevej, either from Rø or from Østerlars. After about 3,8 km from Østerlars or 2,5 km from Rø, turn to Sigtevej towards Årsballe. After about 600 metres you’ll find Borgedalshuset, where you can park your car. Pass Borgedalshuset and walk into the forest to the Northwest until you see the fortress area.

Download a flyer with a map over the whole area (PDF, external link)



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Sigtevej 14

3760 Gudhjem

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