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Welcome to the sunshine island.

On Bornholm, a unique holiday island awaits you with a wealth of exciting activities – whether you are looking for great nature experiences, looking for local art and culture, culinary temptations or are looking for the next excitement.

The nature on Bornholm is varied and characterized by adventurous forests, white sandy beaches, and raw rocky shores. No matter where on the island you are, you will always be near the Baltic Sea, which invites to everything from windsurfing and sea kayaking to snorkeling and sunbathing. In and around the cities you can taste local delicacies, shop Bornholm ceramics and crafts, experience the island’s history and maybe spot a wild bison if you have the patience.

At Book Bornholm we have gathered everything you need to know about Bornholm. You can safely plan your holiday and book accommodation, experiences, and transport to/from the island through us.



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