The rift valley Blåskinsdalen is situated near a walking path close to Jons Kapel.

A beautiful rift valley
Can you imagine this: A rift valley with a glimpse of sun coming down between the high trees and tall moss covered cliffs. A purling waterway with small murmuring cascades at the bottom of the valley and lots of ivied stems and logs. Enjoy this incredible and unique nature – its like a fairytale. And then you have the opportunity to hear the nightingale in May and June.

Near Jons Kapel
Follow the road Rønne/Allinge towards the north. After Helligpeder/Teglkås a sign will lead you to Jons Kapel (Jons Chapel) and here, you can park your car. Follow the walking path about 400 metres until you meet the sign towards the rift valley Blåskinsdalen, which will lead you into the country. Please notice that Blåskinsdal has a rather hilly country.



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