Unique Design

Amalie grew up on Bornholm and has lived in Norway for 14 years.

She is a trained clothing designer from Bornholm’s Textile Seminar 1999-2002, and later got her own workshop in Bergen. There she developed her ideas, her design and created her REDESIGN concept. With a fondness for wool, but also other materials, she sews used clothes into new designs.

“Respect is seeing someone or something with new eyes”. Amalie’s eyes are constantly open and creative. She conveys creativity and creates new values with her hands. Everything that was apparently nothing to collect gets a new life.

Now Amalie has returned to Bornholm, where she has opened a salesworkshop in Nexø.



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 5378 6263




Aasen 12

3730 Nexø

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