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Experience Bornholm on a tourist bus from Aakirkeby Turist- og Selskabskørsel.

Aakirkeby Turist- og Selskabskørsel

Aakirkeby Turist- og Selskabskørsel has for over 70 years had a bus service for the people of Bornholm, around the island and from the island to the rest of Denmark and Europe. Since 2001 with Preben Christiansen at the helm.

It is important to us that the customer can trust that we always provide the same service – regardless of the size or composition of the group.

It is our pride that both buses and drivers represent the company in the best way, which is why we place great emphasis on cleaning and maintaining our buses.


Aakirkeby Turist- og Selskabskørsel runs all types of bus services. Here are some examples:

School camps
We transport to and from the accommodation as well as on excursions around the island. Our drivers guide on the trips.

Servicing tourists
Among other things, we make trips for incoming agencies and cruise ships
tours for visiting groups based on the Bornholm accommodation places with and without a guide
1-day tours on Bornholm starting at the Bornholm line, at the airport or at the Polish ferry in Nexø. We have our own guides who guide in Polish.


Opening hours this week:

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Tlf. +45 5697 4040

E-mail info@aakirkeby-turistfart.dk

Web www.aakirkeby-turistfart.dk


Birgersvej 11

3720 Aakirkeby

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