What to see on Bornholm

Visit lovely Bornholm - we have experiences for great and small - all year round.

Experiences for great and small
On Bornholm you will find experiences for great and small and whatever the season, you have chosen to visit our beautiful rocky island, there will always be experiences, which fit you.

Use your senses on Bornholm
There are many ways to enjoy Bornholm. You can follow your taste buds by visiting the many delicious eating places or you can indulge your sweet tooth with locally made sweets. Breathe in deeply and smell the sea, the woods, the heathlands and the whole of the countryside on Bornholm. Open your ears and enjoy lots of music and festivals. Deploy your joints and muscles and try for yourself  the myriad of picturesque walks along the coasts or cleft valleys - or bike round the island on the hundreds of kilometres of intersecting cycle trails.

Attractions, sights, outdoor, arts and crafts...
Discover the many exciting attractions of Bornholm, which are all ready to give you a unique experience. Explore lots of arts and culture. Try some of Bornholms countless outdoor activities or visit some of the many interesting Bornholm sights. However you tackle Bornholm, you will find lots of interesting experiences.

Experience beautiful Bornholm from a helicopter:

Attractions on Bornholm

Attractions and amusements on Bornholm - adventures in store!

Bornholm’s sights

Bornholm has a wide variety of exciting sights whether you enjoy the great outdoors, interesting churches and buildings, beautiful sandy beaches, rock engravings, castle ruins or large and impressive rocky cliffs and rift valleys.

Bornholm for children

There's lots to look forward to! On Bornholm we have all sorts of adventures, which await you and your imagination. Bornholm and children just belong together!

Gourmet on Bornholm

Bornholm offers gourmet dining at its best. The rocky island in the Baltic is famous for its gourmet cuisine based on fresh, local ingredients.

Arts and crafts on Bornholm

You can hardly move on Bornholm without meeting an artist or craftsperson.

Outdoor and active holidays on Bornholm

Come to Bornholm to enjoy an active holiday. Bornholm is the best place in Denmark for outdoor activities.

Towns on Bornholm

Travel to Bornholm and explore the island’s many quaint towns.