Cruise Bornholm Network

Cruise tourism is a growing market - be part of the growth

A cruise network

Destination Bornholm and the Port of Rønne cooperate with other partners in the Cruise Bornholm Network, in order to enhance and develop cruise tourism.

The goal is to create sustainable growth in cruise tourism that can be felt and measured economically on Bornholm.

A cruise coordinator has been appointed by Destination Bornholm to work with the cruise network to achieve the goal.

The extension of the Port of Rønne will create new opportunities for calls with much larger ships than before. It is important that the increased traffic and the greater number of visitors will benefit Bornholm.

Bornholm will be a high quality cruise destination, where cruise guests are a important and welcomed part of our local economy.”

The efforts include

  • Expansion and strengthening of the Cruise Bornholm Network
  • Collecting of knowledge and best practices in other cruise networks.
  • Marketing of Bornholm at cruise fairs together with Port of Rønne.
  • Collaboration on cruise tourism with other ports in Bornholm, the transport sector, retail businesses, as well as special suppliers such as guide services, incoming agents and port agents.
  • Collaborating with attractions and providers of tours and experiences specifically aimed at cruise tourists.
  • Planning of special events for cruise calls and tourist information on the cruise pier.
  • Planning and participation in cruise line visits to Bornholm.
  • Answering inquiries from cruise lines about Bornholm

On the page we aim to provide cruise passengers, cruise lines, travel agents and other industries with information about Bornholm as a cruise destination.

As a member of Destination Bornholm, we welcome you to join the cruise network.

Contact the cruise coordinator, Torsten Engsig, phone +45 56930341 or

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