Maria Faust’s Jazz Catastrophe: 3rd mutation

23. september 2022 - 23. september 2022

Denne koncert er en del af Saaremaar Kulturfestival i Bornholms Kulturuge 2022.


Saxophonist and composer Maria Faust is best known for her award-winning large contemporary jazz ensembles including Sacrum Facere, Machina, and Jazz Catastrophe. Originally founded in 2012 as a modern big band, Faust’s Jazz Catastrophe project is now in its third mutation. Concentrated and reduced down to its essence like a thick syrup, the new and powerfully dense music is presented by a trio variant of Jazz Catastrophe that features Lars Pilgaard on guitar, Anders Vestergaard on drums, and Faust on alto saxophone.

Charismatic and eccentric, Maria Faust (b. 1979) began playing classical piano as a young child before briefly studying classical conducting at the Tallinn Conservatory. In 2002, she began pursuing jazz saxophone and moved to Denmark where she received her A.P.D. (equivalent to a Ph.D. in performance), as well as her M.A. and B.A. degrees. Faust is one of the most celebrated Estonian musicians of all time and the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and honors including multiple Danish and Estonian Music Awards.

Her work and unique musical language as a composer and improviser are easily identifiable while being challenging to describe due to their inventiveness and her broad spectrum of influences.



22:30 - 23:30


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