Go on an extended weekend to Bornholm for two this winter

A cozy extended weekend and Bornholm goes hand in hand - also in winter. Replace the stressful daily life with peace, space, and beautiful nature.

Experience Bornholm together as a couple

Take the fast ferry or fly to an extended weekend in Bornholm. If you arrive Thursday evening, you’ll have all Friday to explore Bornholm. There are many accommodations near the airport and Rønne harbor. If you want to spend the night out on the island or experience Bornholm by car, you can easily bring your car onboard Bornholmslinjen. It’s also possible to rent a car at DAT or Europcar. The cars are parked at Bornholms airport and the harbor in Rønne. It’s also quick and easy to get out on the island with public transportation.

Quality time is the keyword for this extended weekend on Bornholm.


3 days on Bornholm this winter

You can read our guide about the perfect weekend trip and activities for couples below



Day 1 – all about relaxation

Morning: Enjoy each other and the spa at Griffen Spa Hotel in Rønne. Relax in the hot tub, warm your body in one of the many saunas or let your feet relax in the delicious foot bath.

Afternoon: Invite each other out to one of Bornholm’s many restaurants. Many restaurants are open in winter and offer delicious food made from local and seasonal ingredients – the taste of Bornholm can be found in every bite.

Evening: Get warm in Rønne Bio. Turn up the romance and enjoy a good movie in each other’s company.



Day 2 – A trip to some of Bornholm’s nature

Morning: There is no doubt that Bornholm’s nature is breathtaking. With a wall of rocks surrounding Bornholm and fantastic views over the Baltic sea, you will experience the most beautiful nature no matter where on Bornholm you go. Take a walk hand in hand along the water on Dueodde beach. The beach is known for its very white sand and stands beautifully in the winter landscape

Afternoon: You can go looking for the many big bison in Almindingen, in the largest forest on Bornholm. A walk under the treetops is an experience in itself and invites you to talk about everything between heaven and earth.

Evening: End an active day with a trip to Bornholm’s many bars. Whether you prefer beer, wine, or drinks, Bornholm has it all. If you are looking for drinks in the hotel room, you can find locally brewed beer, wine made from handpicked grapes, or spirits such as gin, vodka, and whisky, at Torvehal Bornholm.



Dag 3 – Treat yourself with local delicacies

Morning: Enjoy some more of Bornholm’s wild nature, before returning home. With a trip to Døndalen, you are guaranteed a beautiful and adventurous sight, when you find Denmark’s largest waterfall.

Afternoon: Bornholm is the place if you are into locally produced specialties. Among other things, delicacies such as chocolate, caramels, wine, and spirits are produced on Bornholm daily. Visit Karamelleriet and enjoy the view and sweet scent of caramels being made from scratch. You can look into the caramel cookery, that makes every sweet tooth run in water. Buy some caramels for the trip back home and get the last bite of Bornholm with you on the way.

Before takeof: It’s time to head home. Bring your car onboard the ferry, park your rental car at the harbor or the airport, or let the public transportation drive you directly to the ferry or plane.

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