Tines Gjestehûz

Cosy lodging - year round.

Tines Gjestehûz is a cosy, family-run guest house located on the beautiful and dramatic, rocky Northern coast of Bornholm, between Allinge and Sandvig. The two picturesque towns have grown together over the years and both have their specialities and charm, with their lively harbours, colourful boats, shops, cafes and  restaurants. The scenery around Allinge and Sandvig is spectacular, but at Tines Gjestehûz, nature starts in our backyard. We are surrounded by the beauty of it on all sides, forests, cliffs, lakes, moors and sandy beaches; perfect for anyone coming to Bornholm for recreational relaxation, or for those wanting to be more active.

Open all through the year, Tines Gjestehûz, offers breakfast each morning to ensure a good start to the day. We are always a great alternative to your mother-in-law’s couch, if you are visiting family, but we are also perfect for couples off on a romantic weekend, wanting a unique and charming experience. If you are here on business, it is nice to know that we are always open, and if needed, it can be arranged to book a double room for a single person, and at a very reasonable price. We take pride in providing a personalised touch and are happy to help with anything we can.

We like to host and arrange various activities and events at Tines Gjestehûz, such as art exhibitions, walks, afternoons with live music, lectures, etc.. We are also a great place for meetings, seminars, conferences and celebrations such as weddings or birthdays. In collaboration with local businesses, we can arrange for transportation, lodging, entertainment, trips out on Bornholm, etc.. You can even book a whole apartment just for your group!

The Gjestehûz consists of 19 rooms and can accommodate approx. 35 guests. All the rooms have a shower and are equipped with a fridge. There are a few single rooms, but mostly the rooms can accommodate 2 or 3 guests. Some rooms have  a sea view, but all the rooms overlook the large, beautiful rock garden. Breakfast is served in the dining room and can be enjoyed there or outside on the terrace. The rock garden is divided up into several sections, so there is room for both those looking for relaxation or fun and games to play. There are areas for both grills and bonfires. Guests also have access to tennis courts only 2 minutes away. We have our own parking space. All rooms are non smoking.



  • Strandvejen 49
  • 3770 Allinge


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