Therns Hotel

Hotel in Gudhjem since 1938

Therns Hotel, is one of Gudhjem’s old hotels and has been part of the heart of Gudhjem since 1938. In January 2022, the hotel was taken over by the couple Jannie and Martin Buch Thorborg and during the spring underwent a much-needed refreshment, which will delight the many guests. “We are on a mission where we want to rebuild the proud hotel, but it is going to take quite a few years as it has been somewhat neglected. We have now for the season 2022 made sure that everything is clean and nice, so we can be well enough to get guests to visit and over the next few years it will re-emerge as the proud seaside hotel it has been in its time. Until then, we will keep some very reasonable prices reflecting that it is not that modern. If you want to stay in the heart of Gudhjem at a reasonable price, Therns Hotel is a really good offer”, says hotel owner Jannie Buch Thorborg.


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Brøddegade 31

3760 Gudhjem

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