Tasty meat from Bornholm

On Bornholm there are plenty of places you can go to eat a good piece of meat.

Meat and meat products from Bornholm

On Bornholm, you can enjoy meat from organic limousine cattle, or beef from Dexter and Scottish Highland cattle from the nature preservation in Ekkodalen, Klintebakken, NaturBornholm, Hammerknuden and other areas in Bornholm that need grazing to maintain the fertile nature. In winter the cattle is fed mainly on hay and ensilage and grass and herbs from the well cared for nature areas in summer, which yields a high quality tasty meat.

Sheep and lambs from Bornholm

Bornholm’s largest sheep flock of approx. 600 sheep resides on the nature reserve in Hammershus. The sheep and lambs take care of the Bornholm nature, as they graze on areas that would otherwise have been maintained by hand or machines. When the lambs are not put to graze, they are fed and cared for on nutrient-rich grassy areas, which helps provide a high quality of meat and flavour.


Den Bornholmske Gårdbutik

This cosy farm shop has a large variety of Bornholm food products


Hallegård Gårdbutik

Hallegaard offers tasty ham and other really good meat products.


Bornholms Torvehal

Get many meat products from Bornholm meat producers in the Markethall in Rønne

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