Sol Nexø

Sol is an artist run Space for Contemporary Art on the harbour in Nexø on Bornholm.

Through long term collaborations with both national and international artists, we wish to challenge established formats of exhibiting and at the same time strengthen the interest of contemporary art in our local environment.

The exhibition program of 2021 is curated and organised by artists Signe Boe and Sofie Amalie Andersen

Program 2021

April 9th – April 25th: Jens Hüls Funder
May 7th – May 30th: Emilie Bausager
June 11th – July 4th: Lars Nordby
July 30th – August 22nd: Ragnhild May
December 18th + 19th: Sol x Bornholms Biografer



Opening season


Opening hours

Friday 15-17h

Saturday 12-15h

Sunday 12-15h

Special opening days

Special closing days

30. April, 1. May, 2. May, 4. June, 5. June, 6. June, 9. July, 10. July, 11. July, 16. July, 10. July, 11. July, 23. July, 24. July, 25. July






Sdr Hammer 14

3730 Nexø

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