Sømarkens Bike Rental

Rent your bike at Sømarkens Cykeludlejning in Østre Sømarken on Southern Bornholm.

Welcome to Sømarkens Cykeludlejning (Sømarkens Bike Rental) – we have in more than 27 years helped tourist in experience Bornholm from 2 wheels.


We wish to make your biking holiday memorable and we strive to fulfill our customer’s wishes regarding bikes. At our bike rental you will find a broad selection of bikes, helmets, baskets, trailers and more. Right from the relaxed biking holiday to the more demanding tourist.


Sømarkens Cykeludlejning (Sømarkens Bike Rental) have everyday been located in Østre Sømarken – nearby you will also find “Bakkerne Bådehavn” (Bakkerne boat harbour), where small fishing vessels almost daily come in with fresh fish from the Baltic Sea. Close by you can also find the biggest stream on Bornholm “Øle Åens” most southern outlet.


We can recommend biking trails where each and one of them will show you point of interests – from the nearby “Rispebjerg Suntemple”, to the biggest castle ruin in northern Europe “Hammershus”, or maybe you fancy a look at our bisons in the forest of Almindingen.


Sømarkens Cykeludlejning (Sømarkens Bike Rental) have through the years strived to keep the prices low and have attractive bikes and supplements for our customers, thats one of the reasons why we are the cheapest bike rental on Bornholm to this day.


Should there be a more special need we will be ready at your behest – you can send us an email or call us and we will do our best to give you an unforgettable cycling experience on Bornholm.

You can also rent an E-bike by us.

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Tlf. +45 2175 8790

E-mail info@soemarkenscykeludlejning.dk

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Søvangsvej 4

3720 Aakirkeby

Østre Sømarken

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