5 cosy apartments at Søllingsgaard close to everything in the picturesque centre of Svaneke

“Søllingsgaard” is a 250 year old farmyard in which you will find 5 cosy holiday apartments for rent and reasonable prices.

The buildigs are sutiated very close to the market place of Svaneke, with restaurants, shops, citylife and the sea just feet away. Besides that, Søllingsgaard is perfect for your tours to the neighborhood and the beautiful nature of Bornholm.

All apartments are situated on the second floor with a beautiful view over the roofs of the city or with a view towards the sea.

Every apartment has its own parking lot and you have access to both garden and courtyard with covered patio and gas grill.




  • Svaneke Torv 2
  • 3740 Svaneke


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