Trolling on Bornholm

Try sea fishing around the island of Bornholm - here you will experience excitement and challenges.

The sea around Bornholm offers plenty of experiences

The sea around Bornholm offers plenty of experiences for those who love to fish and whether you’re more or less experienced, the rocky island in the Baltic is always a challenge for the nature-loving angler. In the waters around Bornholm, you have several options.

Bait fishing for cod

The sea around Bornholm offers several wrecks and rocks and here, you have a good opportunity of doing good cod catches.To have a really good chance to make a good catch you need to set yourself thoroughly into the good positions or ally yourself with one of the local tour operators. If you do not have a boat you can also hire one or go with a boat keeper or guide.

Inshore fishing from dinghies and boats

Throughout the year, there are good opportunities for good catches from dinghies and boats near the coast. A trip beyond the reefs along the south, west or east coast or along the northern or north eastern part of the island with rocks and deep water gives you good possibilities of catching sea trout and cod. During the summer you can also catch garfish, herring and flatfish.

Trolling on Bornholm

Do you like speed at sea, echo sounder, navigational equipment and outriggers? Then Bornholm is just the right choice. The American method, trolling, has become very popular in Scandinavia and especially on Bornholm. The area round the island has very large stocks of salmon, and catches in recent years have been tremendous. Although there are fish all year round, the period from November to May is preferable. Here, the water is cold and the fish are eager to bite!

Most harbours on Bornholm have slipways

Most harbours on Bornholm have slipways and therefore, you can easily launch your boat the most suitable place regarding wind and weather..

Stricter rules for downrigger trolling

Please be aware of some stricter rules for downrigger trolling near Bornholm:
Downrigger trolling is not permitted from the low-water line out to 1 nautical mile around Bornholm and Christiansø.

Trolling Master Bornholm

The popular competition “Trolling Master Bornholm” also takes place on the rocky island in 2017 – from April 26 – 29. And once again the 13th edition of the Trolling Master Bornholm is going to be held in Tejn.
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Trolling Meeting Bornholm

Melsted Trolling Center and Sport Dres Bornholm also invite to trolling competition on Bornholm in 2017. The Trolling meeting is held from Saturday, April 8 to Saturday, April 15, 2017.
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Please note:

From January 1st, 2017 limitations are effective, when catching codfish – but only on the Western and Southern coast of Bornholm: When fishing here (and in the deeper waters ie. from a fishing boat), you only may catch 3 codfish a day in February and March, and max. 5 codfish during the rest of the year.

Ask at Bornholms Touristinformation for more information.

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