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Puk's Delikatesser is a family-run company, and no additives are used in food production.

It is all about food
Food for me is not just a necessity, but a thing that creates joy and cozy moments in the family. On a busy day, there is not always time to use several hours in the kitchen, but with a little love for the food and the right flavors, you can get amazing flavors even in quick dishes. As I am a mother of three children, it is very important for me to cook healthy and varied food. However, this does not mean that there is no room for sweets sometimes.

I started Puk’s Delikatesser in 2012, when I got the opportunity to make my own products in my company on Bornholm. The company is family run and all products are handmade according to old traditions. The dream of being able to give others the taste experiences that I have always loved myself, has made me develop more delicacies over time. My products are completely free of additives, gluten and dairy products and I use only the best ingredients. It is important to me that my products can be used for both everyday dishes and party meals. I want to invite you all the way into my little food universe, where you can find inspiration for new dishes and new ways to use my products. I spend a lot of time developing new, delicious specialties, where I try to put together the good authentic taste that characterizes my products. The concept behind Puk’s Delicatesser is simply to make the food more exciting.



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