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Fulfill your dreams and have a holiday with smiles and sunshine on Bornholm

Bornholm holiday life a la carte

At Places Bornholm you will find the Bornholm’s best selection of hotels and holiday parks – all in one place.

We also offer island holidays with accommodation and wonderful holiday experiences, which we are happy to put together exactly according to your wishes.

So, you can both book your completely unique holiday package at Places Bornholm or choose from our ready-made package tours. If you need airline tickets, we are also happy to help with that.

Authentic experiences for active holidaymakers

It is not without reason that nature is highlighted again and again when the talk falls on Bornholm. The island’s many natural gems, cliffs and beaches are something very special, which puts happy holiday memories in most people.

Places Bornholm are specialists in cycling and hiking holidays and other outdoor activities including, outdoor, exercise & wellness.

The good holiday life is also lived in the small towns along the coasts and the one in rich nature in the middle of the island. Let Places Bornholm put together a gourmet holiday to your liking. Bornholm has excellent restaurants, everything from small smokehouses to Michelin stars.

It is also Places Bornholm that you should contact if it is art and cultural experiences you are looking for. We can do a little of everything!

Experience and personal presence

Places Bornholm is a 100% local agency, located on southern Bornholm. Our company opened in 2022, but we have over 20 years of experience as a travel partner on Bornholm.

Getting lost on travel blogs and search engines is easy. At Place Bornholm, we want to be personally present for our holiday guests.

Service is often much easier than self-service when it comes to vacations. You are always welcome to contact us.

Bornholm is for everyone – all year round. What is your Bornholm dream holiday?

Shortcut to a good holiday

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