Photo contest 2021 – Show us your best Bornholm moment

Let's celebrate the best and most beautiful moments from Bornholm. Join the competition with the chance to have your photo exhibited. Show us your best moment from Bornholm on Instagram with #bornholmmoment.

The tourism industry’s development and marketing organization, Destination Bornholm, is behind this photo competition “Bornholm Moment” on Instagram. Our goal is to create a beautiful photo exhibition, with the best Bornholm has to offer.

We want to celebrate all the beautiful moments from Bornholm, which we see on Instagram daily. Several influencers, photographers and tourists travel around Bornholm to get the right photo from the island. That’s why we need your help to make the best photo exhibition in Bornholm’s Welcome Center in Rønne.

The Welcome Center in Rønne annually has aound 70,000 visitors – locals and tourists. Therefore, we think it is the right place to share the very best and most beautiful moments from Bornholm.

Your “moment”

Share your best picture from Bornholm on Instagram with #bornholmmoment. It can be a picture of a  sunset, white sand beaches, snow at Hammershus, holiday experiences with family and friends, or something completely different. The photo exhibition will  highlight that Bornholm is fantastic every season and that the best moments can be captured at all times.
We look forward to seeing your best moments from Bornholm.

Winner of #bornholmmoment contest 2020

How to participate

Everyone can participate in the contest on Instagram by posting a photo with #bornholmmoment. You can participate in the competition, whether your picture is taken with iPhone, DSLR camera or whatever your preferred photo equipment is. You can participate with as many pictures as you want and you can also use #bornholmmoment on old pictures from Bornholm on Instagram. The competition runs from January 1st, until November 1, 2021.

Photo exhibition

Destination Bornholm selects the top 100 images on Instagram with the hashtag #bornholmmoment. Then an expert panel will select the 25 best pictures. The 25 best pictures will be printed in high quality prints, sponsored by, and exhibited in Bornholm’s Welcome Center from Winter 2021 – Easter 2022.

Remember to save the original photo to print, if you are lucky enough to be among the top 25

During the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite picture. 1st and 2nd place will be awarded with gift cards from PhotoCare in Rønne (see prizes further down the page).


More info

November 5, 2021, Destination Bornholm will select the top 100 images tagged with #bornholmmoment.

November 25, 2021, an expert panel has selected the top 25 images out of the 100 selected. The 25 best will be notified via Instagram. Destination Bornholm will share the 25 best pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and other relevant channels.

The best picture

The visitors of Bornholm’s Welcome Center can, vote for their favorite picture, during the photo exhibition until Easter 2022

Maybe you’ll come by yourself and vote for your own image? The exhibition continues until autumn, so there will be plenty of time to have your photo presented to the public.

When the pictures are no longer part of the exhibition, they will be distributed around the island’s tourist information with credit to the photographers.

Friday the 15th of January 2022 we find the winner of “Bornholm moment”

There are prizes for the two best pictures.

  • When you upload a photo to Instagram with #bornholmmoment, you allow us to publish it on Destination Bornholm’s website and social media – of course with credit to the photographer.
  • You only give Destination Bornholm the right to use the pictures. You do not have to give up the rights to your pictures when you participate.
  • There must be no watermarks, text or other graphics in the image.
  • If one or more persons can be recognized on a photo, it is the responsibility of the photographer that these persons have accepted that the photo must be uploaded to Instagram and may be used by Destination Bornholm.
  • Destination Bornholm has the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these terms and conditions, such change shall be effective immediately upon posting to this webpage.
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