Package Tour to Bornholm

Just pack your bags, and we'll take care of the rest! Order a package tour to the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea and have a carefree holiday.

Get a customized package tour to Bornholm

Get a holiday made to fit. For almost 100 years, Bornholm has been an “island of hospitality” and the local tourist and travel agencies know its every twist and turn and can thus customize any type of trip to suit your needs.

Don’t you worry about a thing

When you order a package tour to Bornholm, everything will be handled for you. The local tourist and travel agencies have vast experience in arranging package tours and will take care of booking tickets for the ferry, accommodation, bicycles, transportation of luggage, bridge toll, etc.

A Member of the Rejsegarantifonden (the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund

All package tour providers are a member of the Rejsegarantifonden which means that you as a traveller are eligible for compensation if financial trouble at the package tour agency/provider should arise.

Nice and easy – book eveything all at once to Bornholm!

Booking a package tour to Bornhom is easy. Please contact one of the many providers and see what they have to offer.


Team Bornholm

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Feriepartner Bornholm

Learn more about package tours with Feriepartner here


Det Lille Rejsebureau

Learn more about package tours with Det Lille Rejsebureau here

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