Øl & Tjød

Øl & tjød is Rønne's new 'steakhouse without steaks'! – because we are more than just a steakhouse.

We are a restaurant and bar that pays homage to all kinds of meat! Small snacks, fried-snack-burgers & large share-friendly pieces – from all sorts of animals and cuts! There is, of course, steak on the menu, but in a large and share-friendly version – and then we have a wide selection of beer with 12 taps dedicated only to the local Bornholm brewmasters.


In the ‘safari bar’ you can always swing by for both beer, snacks, and good cocktails



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 2825 9333

E-mail info@ologtjod.dk

Web www.ologtjod.dk


Store Torvegade 27

3700 Rønne

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