At NXBR, we develop and make organic natural drinks. Raw, clean and honest.

Soft drinks and the idea

The story and idea behind NXBR were created in the summer of 2016. We have brought the story of the old brewery that produced beer and soft drinks to life again. Initially with our organic soft drink Vandkefirperler as the main character.

Since then, we have been working towards sharing our NXBR and our passion for this fermented soft drink with the many great characteristics. We are in continuous growth, developing new tasteful varieties and are constantly developing to optimize our products for the benefit of all who enjoy our organic natural drink.

Pure ingredients

It makes good sense to us that it is pure ingredients and the real taste that is the focus of our products.

Our organic drinks are not added any kind of unnatural additives, artificial sweeteners, or e-numbers. We use only what Mother Earth can give us, 100% organic and honest raw materials, and to the extent possible we use raw materials from Bornholm.

We respect the history and the virtues of good old-fashioned craftsmanship, and therefore every single bottle is hand-brewed in Nexø.

Sustainable food products

In our food production, we have taken steps to be able to offer you sustainable Bornholm food products. We optimize energy sources, production methods, waste sorting and resource consumption. Read more on our website or ask us directly.



Hello World.

My name is Paulie and I am the founder and brewmaster of NXBR. I got the idea for the brewery in 2016 and with a good deal of luck, optimism, and hard work, NXBR, (inspired by the old Nexø brewery 1865-1970), saw the light of day in the summer of 2017. During that autumn the first varieties of Vandkefirperler came. This is an organic fermented soft drink that contains natural bubbles, lactic acid bacteria and is low in sugar, with the flavors LEMON & RASPBERRY, in the trade on Bornholm. Actually, it was the first commercial water kefir product ever in Denmark!

Since then, the journey to spread and convey our NXBR and our mission to create natural ECO drinks has grown steadily. We have new products on the way and are constantly evolving. Our journey has just begun, we hope you will follow our progress.



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