MKJ: rental of paddleboards

Welcome to MKJ Paddleboard rental. A fun and different holiday experience for the whole family.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is an easy and fun way to experience the Bornholm nature. Read more on our website:

A fun holiday experience

With MKJ we would like to share our pleasure in paddleboards by making it easy and accessible for the vacationing guests to use paddleboards. Our grab-and-go concept makes it possible for you to use your paddleboard all over the island! See our rental prices here.

With MKJ we wish to give the guests on Bornholm the freedom and pleasure we ourselves have experienced in paddleboards. We experienced how much fun it was to try it and experience Bornholm in another way.

Safety is important

Paddleboarding is for both children and grownups but when you are on the water around Bornholm you must observe both weather and wind. Read our safety guide here.

We look forward to seeing you!

Rent a paddleboard with MKJ

Visit us and let us help you with finding the right paddleboard and the correct safety vest. Take your board with you and use time getting to know the paddleboard at the same time as you enjoy the Bornholm nature.

From DKK 350



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Tlf. +45 5234 7503




Turistvej 32

3730 Nexø

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