MAJS Smykker

Handmade unique jewellery in a timeless design

All my jewelry is made by hand. I saw, file, solder, grind, and polish. That is why two pieces of jewelry are never exactly the same. And all jewelry is made only in limited numbers. I work primarily with 925 sterling silver. My gold-plated jewelry is gold-plated with a quality gold plating of 24 carat gold.


My jewelry is simple, minimalist, and timeless. I am inspired by all the visual impressions around me. Ranging from graphic lines in architecture, organic shapes and textures in nature, geometric shapes, and sharp edges, that can be traced in rock formations. Everything is right outside the door. Or everything is at hand, as inspiration and the creative process just as often arise in the work with the material at hand.

– Marie Johanne Steffensen



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