Local Fitness

Enjoy fitness during your holiday in Local Fitness in Nexø, Rønne, Allinge and Aakirkeby.

Fitnesscenter on Bornholm
Local Fitness has fitness centres in Nexø, Allinge, Aakirkeby and in the Center of Rønne. Here you can do regular fitness training or participate in the LesMills group fitness program.

Short term memberships for visitors and tourists
We offer short-term memberships for visitors and tourists, by which you get free access to all four gyms on the Island. 1-day-membership, 2-days, 7-days, 14-days, 3 weeks and 1-month-membership.



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Opening season

Open all year

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday 5 am - 23 pm

Special opening days

Special closing days


Tlf. +45 7174 1717

E-mail kundeservice@localfitness.dk

Web localfitness.dk


Nexø: Sdr. Hammer 39, 3730 Nexø.
Rønne: Torvegade 4, 3700 Rønne
Aakirkeby: Torvet 3, 3720 Aakirkeby
Allinge: Vestergade 2, 3770 Allinge

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