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Proprietor of Lilli’s Glass Design, Lilli Carlsen is well established as a glass designer at Bornholm with a glass production and glass shop of over 20 years. In connection with the glass shop, Lilli has in recent years expanded the concept with an open Glass workshop, where everyone, even children down to 3 years, can get an insight into the work of a glass designer, even work with glass and bring his own glass artwork home.

Lilli’s shop with associated Glas workshop (and now also a cozy café with delicious coffee) is located in Nylars on Søndre Landevej 21, and here you can meet the artist. The shop and glass workshop is open almost all year.

Lilli’s Glass Design

If you want to see beautiful and different glass art, there is plenty of opportunity in Lilli’s glass shop. Here is a huge selection of exclusively self-produced glass products made here at Bornholm, and you will experience a wealth of happy colors as well as exciting creations that you will not find anywhere else. Lilli designs and produces everything herself in the workshop on Søndre Landevej, and ideas are constantly being translated into new products.

Lilli’s Glass workshop

If you want to try working with cold glass, you can visit Lilli’s Glass workshop, which you can also find at the same address, Søndre Landevej 21 near Arnager.

Here even smaller children and adults can have a pleasant and different experience together and create their own very personal glass creations. The finished creations can be picked up by agreement in the store, but never on the same day. It is a good idea to start at the beginning of your holiday, as the creations must be burnt in the oven before they can be picked up.

As something new, children and adults can now also make their own personalized glass dish in Lilli’s Glass workshop. The finished dish can be picked up by agreement in the store, and if you cannot get it before returning home, you can always have it shipped, securely packed, for a small fee.

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