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About our shop

The sensuality and the emotional experience are in focus in the effect of the ceramics and the wooden articles at Klodekær.

It is all about waking the senses through the physical meeting with the natural materials and through activating a sense of presence and an inner feeling of being connected to the nature around us and our globe.

The selection in our shop is widely founded and includes bothe new upcomers and some of the well established potters with series of beautiful cups and plates and much at heart as well as potters who have used their whole life to inspect and work with the clay.

Base value

The base value of Klodekær is carried out by a wish to create focus on locally produced arts and crafts as well as supporting a sustainable local community.

A visit at Klodekær places the ceramics near your heart.



Opening season

Open all year

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 11.00 - 17.30

Saturday 10.00 - 14.00

Special opening days

Special closing days

26. May, 27. May, 28. May

Tlf. +45 31 21 22 82

E-mail klodekaer@klodekaer.dk

Web www.klodekaer.dk

Lille Madsegade 10

3700 Rønne

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