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It’s mine is run by Christina E. V. Petersen. The unique designs are made in the Nyker workshop, which also houses a tiny boutique. Here you have the opportunity to see and buy the creative products (see opening hours below).

During summer season It’s mine can usually be found at Svaneke Torv market on Wednesdays (Svaneke town square).

It’s mine also takes part in various Christmas events. If you are interested in these, follow us on social media.


It’s mine always focuses on new challenges and new designs, but during the years four products have become favourites:

Silver spoon jewellery

Among other things, It’s mine works with up-cycling old silver plated cutlery into jewellery. Tea spoons in particular are interesting with their nostalgic patterns and individual patina.

Both ends of the tea spoon are made into different types of necklaces, each mounted with glass and ceramic pearls.

Purses made from neckties

Once again the focus is on up-cycling, this time it is unloved neckties.

The diversity of the necktie with its many colours and patterns is the inspiration for these little creative purses. In combination with cotton fabrics and pretty ribbons each purse is unique.

The purses are ideal for cosmetics, but they can also be used for many other things.

Love mittens

Keep warm in the cold with a knitted design by It’s mine.

People of all ages can enjoy this warm “holding-hands” mitten made from 100 % wool.

Give it to someone as a romantic gift or use it with a friend, your husband, wife, children, grand children…

Yarn bag

A practical bag for the knitting or crochet enthusiast. No more loose balls of yarn tumbling on the floor.

This little bag is easy to bring “on-the-go”, to the garden or wherever you would enjoy your knitting or crocheting.

The original shape of this bag is here making a comeback with individual colours and patterns. Every bag is unique, find your personal favourite.




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