A Bornholm Trolling Guide

Hunting for Baltic Salmon

Gordon Henriksen

Journalist, angler

It’s no coincidence that Bornholm provides the arena for the internationally reputed event, Trolling Masters. The competition, which is attended by salmon trolling fishermen from all over Europe, takes places across Bornholm’s vast offshore waters in which some of the best salmon fishing in all of Europe can be found.

The season stretches across most of the year, but the period ranging from October to May is typically where the biggest chrome salmon are caught, and the peak season is between December and April. Here, schools of big, silvery salmon migrate to the Baltic Sea and feed off Bornholm’s coastal shores, and – even though there are certain areas with subaqueous reefs and depth curves, that exert a certain gravitational pull on the fish – they can be found just about anywhere – as long as there are baitfish such as herring or sprattus in the area.

Most local trolling fishermen tend to favour big olive-green, light-blue, and silver spoons, preferably mounted behind big flashers designed to attract the salmon’s attention. The fishing depth should be varied according to the depth of the baitfish, and until they’ve been located it is a good idea to vary the depth of your lures and spread them out so they fish from 25 meters down right up to the surface – and at a speed of about 1,8 knots. This way, you’ll cover a good deal of water and thereby optimize your chances of, eventually, finding the fish.


If the water is particularly cod – i.e. below 8 degrees, it sometimes pays off to slow down the trolling speed a little. Furthermore, the locals tend to use real herring and sprattus mounted in Lip Skulls or similar hook rigs when the water temperatures plummet.

If you have your own trolling boat, there are many good slipways along Bornholm’s coastline that you can use. (You’ll find them at However, before heading out to sea, it’s a good idea to consult with some of the locals or visit the local fishing tackle store, SportDres, in Rønne. They can help you coordinate some of the fishing spots that have produced the most recent results. The salmon is always on the move, but they tend to congregate in certain areas for shorter or longer periods of time.

If you do not have your own trolling boat but would like to try catching one of the Baltic Sea’s indomitable fighter nonetheless, you might consider hiring one of the many super-skilled local trolling guides. They have all the necessary know-how, experience, and equipment needed for you to have a great experience out to sea.

The current list of rules and regulations when trolling the waters around Bornholm can be found here (in danish).

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