In the old days, Brogade 7A in Nexø on Bornholm was home to an old smithy in the town's shopping street.

Today, the old premises contain a unique and un-spoilt location in the middle of Nexø’s old shopping street. “Our goal is to create a living retail space where you can experience Bornholm entrepreneurship. Produced, created, or made by entrepreneurs in food, crafts, and design. With their craftsmanship and products, HOLMER will share their passion with the whole world. HOLMER will be a gathering place for the visiting tourists throughout the year. But most importantly, it is a gathering place for Bornholmers, of Bornholmers, to Bornholmers. Where you can shop your local goods and enjoy the pulse of the city and get a well-deserved timeout.”

Bornholm contains everything from the raw and sharp rocks in the north to the white sandy beaches in the south and everything in between! It is the perfect environment for contemplation and creativity. The island of ideas and creations.

HOLMER is a place to be drawn to. A place where you as an entrepreneur want to be seen. And where you as a consumer feel is a “to go to”. And then it is not for the worse that there is a coffee shop and that you can get something delicious take away, composed of selected canned delicacies, to take on the go or with you home.

We look forward to seeing you.

Regards team HOLMER.



Opening hours this week:

No opening hours available for this week.


Tlf. +45 2258 9135

E-mail info@hlmer.dk

Web www.hlmer.dk


Brogade 7A

3730 Nexø

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