Halloween in Gudhjem

Experience scary and funny Halloween in Gudhjem on Bornholm during fall break from October 16-21, 2016. Try Denmarks largest hay labyrinth, run between the bales of straw and get scared at night.

Come to Gudhjem and enjoy Halloween during fall break
Gudhjem hosts Halloween during fall break. See pumkins rolling through the streets, bales of straw flying in from west, witches coming out of their hiding places and see spiders invading every crack and corner. The horror spreads, clouds are gathering and thousands of crows darken the evening sky over the sea and hail the deeds of dark.

Activities in Gudhjem
When Halloween takes over in Gudhjem the town boost of life. Visit the market stands and buy fruit, food and sweets. Listen to the story tellers, unravel mysteries and experience a side of Gudhjem you never haven’t seen before.

Exciting program for Halloween in Gudhjem 2016
The program is filled with exciting, scaring and funny activities for kids and grown-ups. Visit Denmarks largest hay labyrinth, run between the bales of straw, get scared at night, cut your own pumpkin or take part in the many contests – and be part of the GYS i GUDHJEM-night (Scaring Gudhjem).

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