GORMs Pizza in Aarsdale

PIZZA and BEERGARDEN in Aarsdale. Visit Gorm's in Aarsdale. Crisp, wonderful pizzas and beer, water and wine. Extremely good atmosphere, where bare feet can feel the grass, the large wooden terrace or indoors in the cozy rooms.

This year we are looking forward to opening our “Pizza & Beer garden”, where this year there will be full focus on Gorm’s well-known pizzas, snacks and antipasti. And of course wonderful beer from Mikkeller and wines from the boot country.

Local ingredients and enchanting flavors

Our menu is an appetizing combination of summer on Bornholm, Italian traditions and Nordic craftsmanship. We work with some of the season’s best ingredients to ensure you a world-class taste experience with local and organic ingredients at the centre.

At Gorm’s Aarsdale you can get mouth-watering snacks and sides, authentic and tasty antipasti and delicious pizzas on organic and cold-raised sourdough bases, so you can look forward to having the full Italian experience when you visit Gorm’s pop up summer restaurant on Solskinsøen.

Turn up the coziness and feel the rush of the sea on our terrace

Feel the atmosphere of the south on our inviting terrace, which calls for evenings with white wine in the glass, where the conversations are allowed to flow while enjoying the fantastic backdrop of sea, rocks and breathtaking landscape in the background.

Come by Solgården in Aarsdale and enjoy an evening in Bornholm’s new Italian summer restaurant. It is beautiful, full of atmosphere and very cosy. Stop by Skolebakken 5, 3740 Svaneke and feel the joy of food and the beautiful surroundings!


It’s going to be crazy. Pizzas, good atmosphere, drinks, wine, antipasti. Gorm’s on Bornholm! It is nothing less than fantastic to be able to welcome you to our pop up summer restaurant, which exudes coziness, atmosphere and good food experiences.


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Tlf. 31398509

E-mail solgaarden@wearegorms.dk

Web www.wearegorms.dk


Skolebakken 5

3740 Svaneke


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