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Our wool is Bornholm merino wool in a unique and rarely good quality that is extremely soft.

The merino has finer fibers and is better at heat-regulating than other wool due to the special structure of the fibers. The Bornholm merino wool is only available in very small quantities, so our models are available in limited editions. The colors of the wool change from season to season depending on the weather conditions.

The sheep graze in the hills on the western side of the island, where they are carefully tended and gently sheared by the sheep breeder himself on the farm. Thus, they have a calm and harmonious life without stress and transport.

The wool is cleaned, carded, and spun at a Danish spinning mill, before returning to Bornholm.

Our wool is undyed and untreated. Special locally hand-dyed models will come in limited editions.

We hope you enjoy our wool and notice the care and love put into it.

We are a member of the Danish Merino Association, and our sheep breeder is chairman of this association. It means everything to us that the wool we buy is from local sheep who have a good life.



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