About the Bornholm Sea Fishing Scene

All You Need to Know About Fishing the Seas Around Bornholm

Trolling on Bornholm

Do you love venturing out to sea and are you into echo sounders, navigation units, and trolling after big, chrome salmon? If so, Bornholm is just the right place for you. The American fishing method, trolling, has become widely popularized across Scandinavia and particularly on Bornholm. The area around Bornholm is home to rich stocks of Atlantic salmon, and during recent years, the fishing has been superb. You can troll for salmon throughout the year, but November through May is considered prime time. At this time of year, the water is fairly cold, and the fish are actively feeding, continue reading here.

Most Harbours on Bornholm Have Slipways

Most Harbours on Bornholm have good quality slipways and, as a result, it’s easy to launch a boat no matter where you intend to fish. The many slipways help you minimize sailing time and allow you to plan in accordance with the weather conditions. You’ll find an overview of slipways by following one of these links: (only in danish)

Rules and Regulations when Trolling with Downriggers

Please note that the following rules and regulations apply when fishing with downriggers in the waters around Bornholm:
Trolling with downriggers isn’t allowed from the ebb tide zone and 1 nautical mile out to sea from Bornholm and Christiansø.

Big Trolling Events on Bornholm

Every year, Bornholm hosts two big trolling events: The popular fishing competition ‘Trolling Master Bornholm’, which takes places annually at Tejn Harbour and ‘Trollingtræf Bornholm’ which is arranged in a joint partnership between Melsted Trolling Center and SportsDres. While the first one targets salmon specifically, the second one targets both seatrout and salmon.

NB!: Catch Limitations

As of January 1st, 2017, catch limitations have been introduced, which stipulate that during February and March, no more than three cod may be killed per fisherman per day on the Western side of Bornholm. For the remained of the year, the limit is five cod per fisherman per day. Furthermore, please note that the minimum landing size for cod is 35 centimetres. Fish smaller than that should be released quickly and unharmed.

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